Our Story


It all started with a daughter's quest to find a solution for her mother's chronically cold feet. With agreement that this state of affairs did not have to be, she embarked upon a journey to find a remedy. The search yielded nothing but disappointment. Hundreds of dollars were spent searching for the perfect warmer for her bed (including bed socks, a hot water bottle, a higher quality down comforter, electric & weighted blankets, and more) only to leave her too hot or too cold - sound familiar?

After months of research revealed this poor sleep problem to be even more widespread than expected, the daughter decided that she would invent the solution to her mother's problem by herself. With renewed vigor, she spent months—18 to be exact—testing, refining, and perfecting her idea. The result? The Cozy Tozy bed blanket was born, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Cozy Tozy is the first of many new products we, at Buhblz, will bring to add to the joy in your life and warmth to your home.

Initial reactions have been extremely positive - we are excited to be featured in a new product podcast by Inventors Launchpad.

Come join us in our journey and support female entrepreneurship! We look forward to hearing from you.


Veenu Prashar - Founder & CEO

Veenu Prashar
Founder & CEO